EDF Services

Created in 2018 due to our company's recognized excellence in Operation & Maintenance (O&M) management, EDF Services offers O&M solutions for other thermal and water plants. With teams capable of operating in a hybrid manner and with a high level of knowledge in thermal and water projects, EDF Services is a strategic arm for the diversification of our portfolio and directly contributes to the modernization and development of the Brazilian electricity sector.

Since 2019, EDF Services has been responsible for the commercial operation of the Sinop Hydroelectric Plant (Sinop Energia), which has the support of the EDF Group's hydroelectric engineering. In 2021, the plant began to be fully controlled remotely by the team based at our Macaé thermoelectric plant, approximately 2,500 kilometers from Sinop (MT), reaffirming our commitment to technical excellence, innovation and operational safety.

EDF Services will also operate and maintain the Marlim Azul Thermoelectric Power Plant (UTE), in Macaé, where it already supports the construction of the plant. With capacity to generate 565 MW of energy, this is our first O&M project on an asset without EDF Group participation in Brazil. Our work will enhance the technical capabilities of partners, with specialized labor and a global remote monitoring service to maximize the availability and performance of the plant, including remote monitoring (e-Monitoring), which allows the involvement of professionals from the EDF matrix, in France.

EDF Services contracts reinforce our industrial presence, replicating both our culture of results and efficiency, as well as excellence in the environment, safety, quality and technical availability.