Sinop Energia (Sinop Hydroelectric Plant)

The EDF Group's first hydroelectric project in Brazil, the Sinop Hydroelectric Plant (UHE) began operations in 2019, as a result of the partnership between EDF Brasil (51%), Chesf (24.5%) and Eletronorte (24.5%). Located in Mato Grosso, in the municipality of Sinop, the plant has an installed capacity of 401.88 MW, being responsible for generating approximately 50% of the energy consumed in the state, equivalent to 1.5 million people.

Our company's concern for the environment is also present at Sinop Energia, where intensive monitoring systems are implemented for the water quality of the Teles Pires River, a tributary of the Tapajós River that flows into the Amazon River. Measuring water quality is fundamental to UHE Sinop's business, with the aim of evaluating in real time what happens in the region to reduce possible environmental impacts.

Through EDF Serviços, we are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the UHE since the beginning of commercial operations. Currently, the plant's operation is carried out remotely by the team installed in the Control Room at UTE Norte Fluminense, 2,500 kilometers away.

  • 401,88

    capacity installed

  • 1.5

    of consumers served

  • 320


  • 2019

    start of operations