Norte Fluminense Thermoelectric Plant

Located in Macaé, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, the Norte Fluminense Thermal Power Plant (UTE) is the first asset in Brazil in the history of our company and is considered one of the most efficient thermal plants in operation in the country and in the EDF Group's portfolio. Therefore, it is seen as a technological showcase for the Group in terms of performance, availability and security.

In addition to the high standard of health and safety, concern for the environment is also one of the pillars of our operations, which is reflected in the adoption of sustainable practices in the plant's operation. In addition to programs such as managing pollutant emissions and systematically monitoring the waters of the Macaé River, we promoted the installation of a solar panel in the administrative building, the implementation of a rainwater reuse project and the construction of a center of experience to apply the concept of sustainability and integration, which are examples of the importance of these practices for our company.

Located in the municipality of Macaé, the plant is a combined cycle thermoelectric plant (CCG), with an installed capacity of 827 MW, which uses natural gas produced in the Campos Basin as fuel and operates with three gas turbines and one steam turbine.

  • 827

    capacity installed

  • 2.5

    of consumers served

  • 320


  • 100


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We believe in innovation as a tool for economic and industrial development, with good sustainability practices aimed at reducing environmental impact as a priority.

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Norte Fluminense Thermoelectric Plant 2

EDF Brasil plans to build a new thermoelectric project, increasing the availability of electrical energy in the national energy grid. The new plant is called the Norte Fluminense 2 Thermoelectric Plant (UTE NF2) and is scheduled to be built in the municipality of Macaé, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.