Supporting Brazil’s energy transition

Since 1996 in Brazil, the EDF Group has supported the reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, creating intelligent and innovative solutions aimed at a neutral and sustainable energy future.

3 sectors where we make a difference

  • Nuclear

    EDF wants to support Brazil in the different options for nuclear development as a complementary reliable, low-carbon source of electricity production

  • Thermal & Gas

    EDF Norte Fluminense is one of our main assets in Brazil, with its 827 MW Combined Cycle gas plant in Macaé

  • Renewables

    The Group is a key leader in the local renewable energy sector with wind, solar and hydroelectric projects

Our flagship projects

All our projects and solutions contribute to build a sustainable future in Brazil.


Angra Nuclear Plants


Macaé Gas Combined Cycle Plant


Wind, Solar and Hydroelectric Power Plant Projects

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