Pierre Bernard


Pierre Bernard has been director-president of EDF Brasil since September 2023.

An engineer specializing in electrical engineering and graduated from Hautes Etudes Industrielles in Lille, France, Pierre has extensive experience in negotiation, asset management and team management.

At the EDF Group since 2011, he developed his career at Dalkia, an energy services subsidiary in France, having served as operations manager at the Cherboug unit, as well as director of the Hague Energie subsidiary, in charge of gas and electricity sales. Before joining the Group, Pierre worked for nine years in the automotive sector abroad in operational and design roles. He held the position of New Business Director at EDF Brasil since 2020.

Mariano Gaio


In September 2019, Mariano Gaio took on the role of financial director at EDF Brasil.

Graduated in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance at U.B. Buenos Aires, Argentina, and postgraduate studies at INSEAD in France and Singapore, Mariano has extensive international experience in the financial area and in various businesses in the energy sector. Having worked at the EDF Group since 1995 in France, Argentina, Mexico and China, before joining the team in Brazil, he was responsible for finance and controlling in Continental Europe and worked as CFO of EDF China, participating in the review of the strategy and management plan. development of the company in the country.

Mariano served as a member of the Board of Directors of companies in Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium and China. He has held the position of financial director at EDF Brasil since 2019.

Veronica Vara


Veronica Vara took on the role of director of Human Resources, Communication and QSMA at EDF Brasil in September 2021.

Graduated in International Law from the University of Toulouse, France, she consolidated her professional career in the area of Human Resources, where she accumulated experience with union relations, optimization and transformation projects, strategy and leadership training.

At EDF for 24 years, she served as director of Human and Financial Resources at a Group Accounting unit in France, strategically supporting the company on issues related to human resources and budget management. After leading 250 people serving the Group's corporate units, including the Presidency, at the Paris unit, he also worked in the area of Career Management and International Mobility at EDF Energy, in London, enabling an international career that continued with his arrival in Brazil . Veronica has held the position of director of Human Resources, Communication and Quality, Safety, Environment and Health (QSMA) at EDF Brasil since 2021.

Jean-Philippe de Oliveira


Jean-Philippe de Oliveira has been Operations Director at EDF Brasil since September 2020.

An engineer with a specialization in mechanics from ENSAM in Paris, France, and in construction from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, in Spain, Jean-Philippe has experience in team and project management.

He joined the EDF Group in 2009 at the Bouchain Thermoelectric Plant, in France, having also worked as Operation & Maintenance (O & M) manager at the Blenod Thermoelectric Plant in the same country. In Brazil since 2018, he worked as O&M manager at the Norte Fluminense Thermoelectric Plant, in Macaé, where he took over as director in August 2020.

Actively participating in the company's development strategies with structuring in the services area, with O&M teams working for Sinop Energia at the Sinop Hydroelectric Power Plant, in Mato Grosso, as well as for Arke Energia at the Marlim Azul Thermoelectric Power Plant, he began to assume, at a corporate level, the Operations Directorate of EDF Brasil in 2022.

He has held the position of Operations Director at EDF Brasil since 2020.

Gabriel Colonese


Gabriel Colonese has been New Business Director at EDF Brasil since August 2023.

Carioca, with a degree in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and an MBA in Accounting and Finance from EESAE in Spain, Gabriel has extensive experience in developing new businesses, with more than 15 years of experience in infrastructure in the energy sectors, highways, airports, urban mobility, sanitation, ports, mining, railways and construction.

Gabriel has also worked on structuring holding companies, companies invested in by funds, auditing multinationals (big four), publicly traded companies and large family-owned companies, in addition to having experience in stressed assets, debt (re)structuring, portfolio composition and startups .

At EDF Brasil since August 2023, Gabriel holds the position of New Business Director.