With the aim of reinforcing our role as a transformative agent, the EDF Group is committed to integrating an economic, social and environmental approach into all its activities in Brazil.

On the EDF Brasil side, the company is a member and signatory of the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact on Human Rights, Workers' Rights, Environment and Anti-Corruption, which aims to establish an agenda of socioeconomic commitments to improve quality of life and social inclusion. It received the SA8000 certification (Social Responsibility Standard) for the 10th consecutive year. It was the first EDF Group company to receive this certification in 2010.  The company sponsors projects and institutions in the socio-cultural sphere, such as energy awareness modules in schools and theaters, opera performances, and book publishing, and also promotes sports as a means of integrating and training children from socially vulnerable communities.

EDF Renewables always seeks to reduce and control the impact of its activities on the quality of life of people near the production sites and on biodiversity. The company carries out various social and environmental actions in the vicinity of the parks, strictly following all the programs determined in the basic plan of the projects. EDF Renewables also sponsors social projects.

Providing lights for those most in need

In November 2019, EDF Norte Fluminense accepted a major challenge: lighting up Aldeia Mata Verde Bonita. This Guarani community of indigenous families from different regions of Brazil, in Maricá (RJ), suffered from poor public lighting. In partnership with the Associação Litro de Luz Brasil, volunteers and EDF NF employees assembled and installed 21 poles and 28 solar energy lamps, made of LED lamps, connection tubes and plastic bottles. The new lighting was set up close to residential and communal living areas in the village.

In Brazil, EDF Renewables is committed to carrying out sustainable practices for the community and the environment in all phases of its projects, from construction to operations. This is achieved by respecting local traditions and culture, and adhering to environmental licensing processes, legislation and regulations.

EDF Renewables carries out social and environmental actions such as:

  • health: awareness campaigns for breast cancer detection and fighting STDs;
  • environment: fauna and flora preservation, conscious use of water, green area compensation;
  • education: school vegetable gardens, training programs for hiring local labor, etc.
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Maní Project

The two Flour Houses of the Maní Project, launched by phases 1 and 2 of the Ventos da Bahia Wind Farm, located in the municipalities of Bonito and Mulungu do Morro (BA), were delivered in 2023. The project, led by EDF Renewables together with Serena (formerly Omega Energia), contributes to the socioeconomic development of the region, rescuing the culture of cassava processing, increasing production capacity and generating income for communities.

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Chain of Good

With the aim of reinforcing the role of the EDF Group as a transforming agent and positively impacting people's lives, EDF Renewables Brasil promotes the Corrente do Bem program. Throughout 2023, employees had the opportunity to participate in different volunteer actions. In addition, the company made a private social investment, and the donation of furniture and notebooks to the One by One, providing the social inclusion of children with physical, motor or neurological disability and socially vulnerable in Rio de Janeiro, as well as their families. A private social investment was also made to the Reciclar Institute in São Paulo.