Collaborating in nuclear energy production

We want to support Brazil in the different options for nuclear development as a complementary reliable, low-carbon source of electricity production. 

Framatome is 75.5% owned by EDF and is one of the world’s leading players in the nuclear energy sector. A 40-year-long presence in Brazil means that Framatome enables us to follow local nuclear sector dynamics. Our aim is clear: we intend to identify how EDF can collaborate in current and future nuclear energy production.

Electronuclear and Electrobas agreement

In 2013, Framatome signed an agreement with Brazilian companies Electronuclear and Electrobas to supply engineering and components services and control systems for the Angra 3 nuclear plant. Through this agreement, Framatome brings its expertise to contribute completing the Angra 3 nuclear plant construction. In addition, Framatome continues supplying services to the Angra 1 and 2 nuclear plants.

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